Shimizu corporation have published this pretty cool concept for future living and working. The environmental island floating on the Equatorial Pacific is designed with many different uses in mind. Within this giant lily pad concept you can live at a beach side resort, go for a walk in the terrestrial forest then do a days work at the industry Incubation office and plant factory, rising 1000m out from the sea and a capacity of holding 10,000 employees.

You may be thinking well how will it float, with wind, waves and tornado’s. All these things have been considered and thought out by the designers and every effort possible has been made to make the concept “green”. For example the energy used tp power this new city will come entirely from natural resources including space solar satellites, ocean thermal energy conversion, waves, wind and solar power.

The islands are connected together to form modules and a number of modules grouped together form a “country” of roughly 1 million people and with global warming causing seas levels to rise and the world being 80% water this is an issue which needs resolving and this may be the method. Hats off to these designers, this is a truly amazing concept. One of which I wish is around during my lifetime!