This clever piece of design comes from Loughborough University, by Timothy Whitehead, and has many applications for the developing world. The vessel uses ultraviolet light to remove bacteria in just 90 seconds without leaving any strange taste to the water. The developing worlds quality of life is a massive issue that needs tackling through clever product design that can improve quality of life. The people who live in these countries do not have luxuries and only need the bare essentials to survive; food, clean water and shelter. This design tackles a very important and critical part of human survival and does it well. If this could be done on a grand scale to create a water system similar to our sinks and taps this wold dramatically improve their health and quality of life.

This is going to affect many people’s lives within the world for very good reasons. If more designs were developed with design thinking in mind as this one has been then product design would have maximum world impact, instead of just a new kettle which has no world or design impact – unless of course its the Philippe Starck kettle!

Design by Timothy Whitehead