Displayed at the Paris Autoshow 2010 and Top gear last night this Jag concept really caught my eye. Not the fact that it’s another stupidly costly electric car that wont ever be made I presume, but the exterior body design and interior design instantly got my attention. The sweeping side profile combined with the large gently curving profiles of the rear complimenting the long sleek evil-looking rear tail light create a very interesting, crisp, distinctive design. The design which marks the 75th anniversary of Jag is a gas-powered super car. Under the bonnet, well boot, there are 2 micro-turbines and Jaguar claims this solution means this concept car is even cleaner than contemporary hybrids.

The bodywork is carbon fibre, wrapped around an extruded and bonded Jag-spec aluminium chassis.The doors rise like swan wings and the huge wheels are 21in alloys straight from Need for speed. Peer inside the rims and you’ll see the electric motors and the 15kW lithium-ion battery pack is mid-engined style between the two axles.

although this car is a piece of engineering genius, innovative propulsion methods and beautiful styling are a very clever idea, this car will not be ready any time soon! Although they are continuing the R+D for the concept is it to little to late for the electric car/rising petrol situation.

This concept really caught my eye, but as discussed on Top gear last night, soon people won’ be able to afford to drive and everyone was expecting electric, hybrid or hydrogen cars to be widespread and ready. However this is not the case. I think that someone needs to pull their finger out and do something bout the rising prices or finally do what everyone has been expecting and create an environmentally friendly car that can be made today, not tomorrow!