Lets be honest when you see old wooden side boards from the mid-century you usually think , urrrghh that’s not going in my flat but not any more! This australian based furniture restorers, similar to one in London UK that Mary Portas did one her show last year helping struggling businesses, take those old horrible sideboards, chairs, tables and buffets and turn them into stylish, current brightly coloured furniture that you would instantly want. The panels , tops and doors are replaced with bright laminate and patterned material whilst still capturing the retro feel to the products. So now if you inherit an old sideboard that you don’t want, restore it and turn it into a functional, current, stylish piece of furniture you can continue to use for the next 50 years. If you want to use their services or have the cash to buy one from them here is the link – http://retromodern.com.au/index.php