Italy has designed a very modern and futuristic looking solution to all those old unused viaducts. Instead of demolition works they turn them into great big energy producing machines. This solution is called ‘Solar Park South’. The design was created by the design team of Francesco Colaarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino and I believe this is a massive step in the right direction for the mindset of the  world! This green design is capable of producing 36 million kilowatts of electricity per year through the installed 26 turbines. And it doesn’t end there. The top section of the viaduct is lined with solar cells which are coated in clear plastic with alone produce 11.2 million kilowatts.

You may be thinking so it just does that, well the whole viaduct would also be turned into a promenade and park allowing people to stop of for a light lunch and enjoy the views. The one viaduct is capable of powering 15,000 homes a day. Regeneration is the way forward especially if innovative concepts like this are the future! So next time you see an abandoned tower and bridge, think to your self… in the future that could look as good as this!