The design council recently released the results from their initiative to tackle residential bicycle crime. Four design teams, Cyclehoop, Rodd, Submarine Design and Frontyard, were chosen to develop solutions to this problem, with a £10,000 incentive.  I personally know firsthand of the issues surrounding securing your bike, as I am a keen mountain biker, and from the solutions released Rodd Design’s ‘Armlock’ and ‘Lupin’ really caught my eye.

The obviously simple, but not that simple to have been done before, design is outstanding. Portable, lightweight and without taking the door off the hinges your bike is very safe.

The Armlock design approached the problem from a different angle. This design is a fixed locking station within your residence which folds discreetly into the wall when not in use. Again a very simple and visually pleasing design that would fit well into current interiors and lifestyles. To secure their bike the user simply walks up to the lock offering the frame to the device, which is secured by the auto trigger mechanism. I feel these designs fully embrace the lifestyle and values of current generations and would be great to see available on the market.

Frontyard design presented ‘Plantlock’. Although this is already an existing design they refined the solution for the new brief. This design is not permanently fixed to the floor relying on the weight of the compost to hold it down, however the idea of the lockable object becoming a piece of street furniture to brighten up the grey tired streets is an interesting concept.

Although not in the Design Council competition I thought I would include this as an alternative method to locking a bicycle, which although may seem a bit odd it is a genius idea, designer Kevin Scott.