This design demonstrates perfectly how to execute a sustainable design with a long life span. Raw Edges have created a light that any consumer can modify for their needs and tastes. Monday you want a red light and Tuesday you want blue, no problem with the Pinha. This light was featured at the Milan furniture Fair and I expect got its fair share of attention. To create your individual light you take a piece of paper, wrap it around the Pinha light  and secure with a drawing pin. Quick and simple but looks great!

You may be thinking why does the Pinha have an odd shape. Well this is so you can create any light shape and type of lighting you want. For a spot light affect use the lower ring and for a gentle softer light use the upper ring. I really like this design! I think it’s a very clever design and being sustainable, using cork for the material, Raw Edges have ticked all the boxes. Now if you will excuse me I am off to buy a Pinha.