Can somebody help me? I have forgotten who designed this chair and I have been trying to remember for days. When I look at this chair I get a nostalgic feeling. As if I am looking back in time. It reminds me of old car seat interiors and makes me want to sit in it. It is as if the chair has a character. The form and lines that run through the design create this almost life-like tone. The contrasting materials between the brown upholstery and the chrome finish feet create a slightly retro twist that is surrounded by a high quality, sophisticated, gentle aspect. This design was in the same location as the Don’do and “Pod” chair by Benjamin Hubert, which was another highlight of the show.


“Pod” is a pressed felt privacy chair. The contrasting materials between the felt and timber frame create interesting aesthetics. The irregular shape ad oversize back support / wings create an instantly recognisable design. Great work.