The Argonaut collection by Christina Skouloudi Design Studio and Athanasios Babalis, consists of six items for the table top. Manufactured from wood and steel these simple, clean, contemporary designs ooze current trends and lifestyles. Below are the six items from the collection.

From the collection my personal favourites are the laptop case, the tray and pepper / salt shakers. The simple use of materials, clean lines and contrasting textures create an honest aesthetic to the products.


Spotted on inspiration green this design is 100% recycled. Being made from manmade board, which would otherwise be sent to landfill, and old elastic bands it has a very honest quality surrounding it. Interesting idea and clever use of materials.


You will be kicking yourself when you read this and you are now thinking that’s so simple why didn’t I think of that. Well the truth is Damien Gires did and to be honest it’s a very good design. Bollards currently used for putting out cigarettes or pigeons to sit on can now be transformed into useful public seating and tables. No street construction is needed, just an existing metal bollard. The pressed metal unit looks great in the urban environment and would certainly grab people’s attention.



I saw this a few weeks ago and it instantly caught my attention, due to the clever use of materials and assembly. The video is an interesting watch as it shows a chair go from a wooden stick to a fully functional product. This design, although not ergonomic, is very interesting. It has a naturalistic element due to the limited use of materials and construction methods used. Overall I think this is a great design, very clever and simple, which means you can bet it took a long time to work out how it goes together. Great work Markus.

hello all

Firstly i must apologise for the neglect of the blog. I have been in the last month of completing my MSc. However that is finished now so Noris will begin to be updated a lot. starting NOW!

This is another example of cardboard being used within modern furniture design. I love this design. It has a very playful and fun appearance. Designed by Leo Kempf and inspired by Frank Gehry’s “Wiggle Chair” the table is made of several pieces of scrap cardboard that are stuck together and cut to form the bubble shape. This design is elegant and unique and created from a pretty ordinary everyday material. It will be on display at 360 See Gallery in Chicago along with the curved wall shelf. Great design, I would love one in my flat!




Being a keen mountain biker this design really caught my attention. Currently polystyrene shells are used which if we are being honest are pretty rubbish. They are hard, cold and the padding never fits. This design by Aniruda Surabhi, the Kranium Helmet, has an internal structure made from cardboard, however due to the structure is able to absorb 4 times more force than current polystyrene helmets. This I know seems pretty amazing. Also due to the material choice the helmet can be tailored for each individual user creating the perfect fit. The cardboard interior is covered with waterproof acrylic so it does not get wet. Some large manufacturers have already taken interest in this and I wonder when and where it will hit the high street. However there is one issue that I can see potentially being a problem. Unless the internal cardboard structure is waterproof, will it degrade due to sweat? Let’s be honest, anyone who rides frequently will know on a summer’s day you can literally ring out the pads in your helmet. Will cardboard be able to last in these conditions? Great design though!

This very clever use of cardboard, by Australia-based company Karton Group, demonstrates sustainability at its best. By using recycled and virgin materials the furniture is highly sustainable but also looks very current. Sure you can look at it and think its cardboard. But I believe that it’s the little details that make this material great to work with. Firstly you have the contrasting corrugated inside against the straight exterior lines, but the main feature for me is the fact that initially you think “that can never support my weight, let alone ten people”, but it does. I think this is a great solution. Cheap, practical and highly sustainable. Totem (my Electrolux design lab entry) featured. check out the link.