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This design by Michael Bambino takes the tired dated principal of office Tambour units and re-invents it creating a new innovative workspace for the home. His design, the Tambour Table, has a sliding top which folds neatly down the back of the table to reveal handy desk storage. This also allows the desk to be placed against a wall and still use the under desk storage available. Within the construction of the desk there is integrated cable management to hide all those messy cables and a power source. This design oozes modern, fresh, contemporary design and uses an old tired design in a creative, useful and innovative way. Great Design!


I recently found this designer whilst browsing the net and took an instant interest in his work. Steuart specialises in furniture, lighting and overall product design, collecting many awards throughout his career. During September 2009 the Steuart Padwick brand was created and flourished throughout its first year. Look at the products and you can see why.

All of the products designed by Steuart Padwick have innocent and honest qualities. They retain the natural handcrafted element whilst also creating a retro esk vibe. The contrasting materials used throughout the products ensures a contemporary, fresh and elegant image is maintained for the brand. These innocent, well designed and honest pieces show product design / furniture design off to its best. For more information about Steuart Padwick and his products / designs head over to